Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Elliott Moses Poole

Elliott Moses was born at 10:46 pm on Saturday, May 9th. We went into labor at 8pm while at the Metrodome watching the Twins game. We rushed to the hospital despite road construction, and Hans telling his daddy to "drive like Lightning McQueen" (his beloved race car hero). Elliott was born without any medication and with one push about 2.75 hours later. 7 pounds, 7 oz. 21 inches. Woo-hoo!!
He has been so fun to watch and hold.... he laughs as he falls asleep and smiles quite frequently.... and NO, it is not gas. It's the real deal, a really real sweetheart of a baby. As Esther says, "we're gonna keep him."

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

some pictures

Hans and Esther enjoyed helping me get some things sorted for the upcoming baby! Boxes are fun!
This was Easter Sunday....
Esther wore a beautifully smocked dress that Annette made... along with a little purse stuffed with a "church doll" as Esther calls it. -A little tiny doll made with the same fabric as her dress. :)
Hans was very proud to be in a matching blue polo. A very nice day, with no snow!!!! (like last year!)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It is finished!!!! (Sarah's quilt)

I did it!! With the help of several people, I finished Sarah's wedding quilt yesterday. We gave her her bridal shower today and I was able to watch her unwrap it!! I felt like I had just given birth to this thing, since I started it 9 months ago. :) Thank you Lance for voluntarily taking the kids to Iowa for a weekend so I could work on it. Thank you Annette for your quilting knowledge and help with the embroidery and binding! Thank you church ladies for your encouragement and the tiny bit of green fabric I thought I had but didn't. It's done! She really liked it, too. :)


The red and jean quilt is Hans' baby quilt.
The swirly girly one is Esther's... can you tell? :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's a BOY!!!!

The top one is a shot of the legs, and the bottom is a profile. It's a boy!! Due around Mother's Day in mid-May '09. Yes, we have a name. No, we won't tell you. :) It's really, really good though!! :)

Cutting down the huge tree with Grampy Poole, Opened up snazzy new shirt from Carlene(and pants, which he's not wearing due to the jammies), Abominable snow-Hans, Skiing with mommy's shoes.

Esther dresses up

Esther opens her pretty new Christmas dress, Esther dresses herself in royal garb (or rags), Daddy's t-shirt, getting some air outside, mommy's skis err- shoes.